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TISEC delivers Practical Pattern Recognition Workshop for NDT in Montreal, Canada, June 28-30, 2010

New look of TISEC's Super ICEPak® web site, November 2009.

Download and try out Super ICEPak® today, contact us for a trial key, November 2009.

Who Uses Super ICEPak® ?

Available as a stand-alone software/hardware system or as an off-the-shelf software package ready for customizing, Super ICEPak® is a powerful software program for engineers and researchers involved in the interpretation, classification and analysis of a wide variety of waveform and image data. Integral to Super ICEPak® is a unique training capability that permits the user to extract patterns in experimental and engineering data and make these patterns available to the user in their applications. These patterns are learned by the program using artificial intelligence methods.

Use Super ICEPak® when you have an application where the relation between the decision you have to make and the information contained in the data available is not straight forward. For example, a simple threshold on a signal amplitude, the color of part of an image, or other simple relationships do not exist but the information for decision making is still there. In spite of the fact that the information is there, it may defy simple algorithmic modeling to make recognition decisions. Then, pattern recognition is a powerful way to establish, quantify and automate empirical decision making.

Super ICEPak® packages these tools into a single system for pattern classifier development and provides the tools for their integration into user applications. It also provides tools to examine your data and quantify the relationships according to sound scientific principles. The decision engines are transparent, as opposed to humans, where pattern recognition is largely subconscious.

You can apply Super ICEPak®'s pattern recognition capabilities to data sources ranging from waveforms to images and tabular lists of discrete data. Super ICEPak® can help when faced with high data rates, high data volumes, rapid decision making, and applications that resist other forms of automation yet require human analysis or interpretation. It is also useful in the interpretation of complex data or when there is a need to capture know-how or expert knowledge and store it in the computer.

Super ICEPak® is a mature product that has been used for over 20 years in the world's leading research and industrial facilities. Here is a representative list of our users

IBM Corporation • Morton Thiokol • Aerojet • Suizer Innotec • Hewlett Packard • Boeing Commercial Airplane Company • Boeing Company Defense and Space Group • Canadair • Alcan • Becton Dickinson • Mars Electronics (UK) • Mars Electronics (US) • British Gas • Air Liquide Canada • Rolls Royce • Dofasco • CAE Ltd. • Dominion Engineering Works • Combustion Engineering Canada • Rockwell Rocketdyne • GKN Technologies • Pratt and Whitney (WPB) • Cummins Engine Company • Kalium Canada Ltd. • Stelwire • Sydney Steel Corporation • Testech • United Technologies Corporation • Babcock and Wilcox • Seagate Technology • Westinghouse Savannah River Co. • Hydrogen Industry Council • CISE spa • Canadian Astronautics Limited • Pacific Gas and Electric • Combustion Engineering (Hartford) • Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Technologies • UCLA • Concordia University • Penn State University • McGill University • Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital • University of Illinois • Hebrew University of Jerusalem • Indian Institute of Technology • University of Wisconsin • University of California (Berkeley) • WavesInSolids LLC • Defense Research Establishment Atlantic • US Bureau of Mines (Pittsburgh) • National Research Council Canada (Ottawa) • Defense Research Establishment Pacific • NRC (Halifax) • Energy, Mines and Resources Canada • NASA Langley • Phillips Aerospace Lab - Edwards Air Force Base • Admiralty Research Establishment • Central Mechanical Engineering Institute (India) • Institute for Aerospace Research • Tektrend International Inc. • Korean Institute of Machinery and Metals • NRC (IGM) • European Joint Research Center (ISPRA) • US Bureau of Mines (Spokane) • TISEC Inc. • Naval Air Warfare Center • Dupont NDT Systems • IS MAS Spa • Kelly Air Force Base • Ontario Hydro • Quebec Hydro • Praxair • New Brunswick Power Corporation • University of Ottawa • Deutsche Airbus • Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company • Northeastern University • Institut for Polymerforschung • Deutsches Kunststoffinstitut • Daimler Benz • AEA srl • ARINC Inc. • DNL Infrastructure Technologies