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TISEC delivers Practical Pattern Recognition Workshop for NDT in Montreal, Canada, June 28-30, 2010

New look of TISEC's Super ICEPak® web site, November 2009.

Download and try out Super ICEPak® today, contact us for a trial key, November 2009.

Super ICEPak® — Specifications

Number of Predefined Classifiers: 5
 • Linear Discriminant • K-Nearest Neighbor • Neural Network • Empirical Bayesian • Minimum Distance

Classifier Settings

  • Number of Pattern Classes Supported: unlimited
  • Anomaly detection option
  • Hierarchical multi-level classifier definition setup
  • Training/testing set swapping
  • Export trained classifier and feature extraction engine
  • Feature Set

  • Number of Predefined Waveform Feature Sets: 6
  • Size of feature vector: unlimited
  • User-defined feature set: for image and other applications
  • Waveform Signal Feature derived from the following domains

  • Time
  • Power
  • Phase
  • Cepstrum
  • Auto-correlation
  • Cross-correlation
  • Feature Analysis Aids and Tools

  • Probability Density Function Projection
  • 3D Feature/Feature Probability Plots
  • Feature Probability Density Function Analysis
  • Feature File/Record Browsing
  • Fisher and Bhattacharyya Distance Analysis
  • Clustering Analysis
  • Non-Linear Mapping of Feature Distribution
  • Automatic Feature Ranking
  • Operating Modes

  • Visual classifier setup including hierarchical setup
  • Classifier Training
  • Classifier Evaluation
  • Identification of Unknown Signals
  • Data Formats Supported

  • Single byte integer
  • Long integer(4 bytes)
  • Signed and unsigned integer support
  • Short integer(double byte)
  • Double floating point(8 bytes)
  • Big-endian and little-endian support
  • Floating point (4 bytes)
  • Documentation and Reference
      • Getting started — to bring you up to speed in no time
      • Theory of operation — everything you want to know about the inner working of the system
      • Tutorial — guide you through steps of designing your first classifier
      • Advanced topics — information you need to write your own application