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TISEC delivers Practical Pattern Recognition Workshop for NDT in Montreal, Canada, June 28-30, 2010

New look of TISEC's Super ICEPak® web site, November 2009.

Download and try out Super ICEPak® today, contact us for a trial key, November 2009.

Deployment and Integration

Super ICEPak®'s classification and feature extraction engines are self-contained encapsulated modules. They are implemented using powerful dynamic linked libraries (DLLs) and are ready to be interfaced with your application. Several standard application program interfaces (API) are provided for most popular development platforms and environments such as Visual Basic, C++ and standard ANSI C. We even provide several ready-to-run sample programs with full source code to demonstrate how to use each of these DLLs and APIs. You can use any of these programs as a starting template to develop your own application.

The classifier you designed with the Super ICEPak®'s Design Console can be exported and then imported into your application using the DLLs provided. These exported classifiers are ready to be used with your final target system with no code mingling. With a standard visual development environment such as Visual Basic and our Super ICEPak® DLLs, you can deploy a customized signal interpretation application in minutes.

  • The classifier is ready to use with your final target system and no code to mingle with
  • ICEPak's classification and feature extraction engines are self-contained, encapsulated modules
  • Export feature extraction engine
  • Export classification engine
  • Rapid prototype creation
  • Ready to run sample programs with source code
  • Implementation libraries ANSI C API
  • Visual Basic API
  • C++ Class library