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TISEC delivers Practical Pattern Recognition Workshop for NDT in Montreal, Canada, June 28-30, 2010

New look of TISEC's Super ICEPak® web site, November 2009.

Download and try out Super ICEPak® today, contact us for a trial key, November 2009.

Super ICEPak® Workshop

Course Dates

This course is offered by appointment only. Please contact us through our "Contact Us" page and/or by phone to set up training dates.

Course Location

This course is offered at our facility as well as client sites.

Course Description

This course introduces the practical aspects of pattern recognition. Using TISEC's Super ICEPak® as a framework, the course covers the theory and applications of statistical pattern recognition and neural networks. This course is suitable for:

  • Scientists and Engineers involved in the design and application of signal and image interpretation systems and control systems
  • Basic Researchers in the engineering, physical, medical, education, environmental and military sciences who wish to apply advanced signal and image analysis and interpretation methods
  • Test Engineers and Technicians looking for faster and more effective ways to develop automated testing and control systems.
Course material covers sufficient theoretical background and necessary terminlogy for trainees with no prior background knowledge in pattern recognition. For the experienced users, the workshop goes beyond theory to focus on applications.

Duration: Two days (16 hours).

Course Price: In the scheduled sessions the fee is US $1200 per person or US$900 each for group sessions of five or more attendees. The course can be offered on site at client facilities.

Brief Course Outline

  1.  1. Overview of Artificial Intelligence
  2.  2. Terminology
  3.  3. Knowledge-Based Systems
  4.  4. When and When Not to use AI
  5.  5. Supervised Learning
  6.  6. Unsupervised Learning
  7.  7. Pattern Recognition Methods
  8.  8. Statistical Pattern Classifiers
  9.  9. Neural Networks
  10. 10. Waveform Representation
  1. 11. Waveform Transformations
  2. 12. Feature Extraction
  3. 13. Feature Set Optimization
  4. 14. Image Representation
  5. 15. Classifier Design
  6. 16. On-line Classification
  7. 17. Multi-Channel Data Acquisition
  8. 18. System Hardware and Software Design
  9. 19. Studies Case


Bring your own data for use during the hands-on sessions. If you seek a fast and cost-effective way to design and implement classifiers for your signal and image interpretation applications, you'll find this three-day workshop worthwhile. Participants at previous workshops have developed and used a classifier on their own data in less than a half-day of training.

The workshop instructors have plenty of data to introduce attendees who are exploring the field for the first time.


Dr. D. Robert Hay has pioneered in the application of pattern recognition systems for a wide range of engineering and medical applications. He has worked in the field for over 40 years.

Mr. Roger W. Y. Chan is a leading designer of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence systems at the hardware and software levels. His areas of expertise are in statistical pattern recognition and neural networks and in feature extraction and feature set optimization. He has worked at the leading edge of applying pattern recognition methods to engineering applications for over 30 years.

Hotel Information

Hotel accommodation and meals are not included in the registration fee. Your accommodations must be arranged directly with a hotel. Information on the location of the workshop in each city and area hotels will be available at the time you register for the workshop and TISEC would be pleased to help in arranging accommodation.