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TISEC delivers Practical Pattern Recognition Workshop for NDT in Montreal, Canada, June 28-30, 2010

New look of TISEC's Super ICEPak® web site, November 2009.

Download and try out Super ICEPak® today, contact us for a trial key, November 2009.

What is AI — Artificial Intelligence ?

What is Pattern Recognition?

Super ICEPak® simulates one way the human brain performs recognition and makes decisions. As humans we are conscious of the logical decision making processes we make daily, left-brain thinking and the expert system approach, yet we are less conscious of the more intuitive relationships we form for recognition and decision making, right-brain thinking, what is known as the pattern recognition approach.

Think of the way you recognize people. When you are introduced, you immediately and unconsciously identify a few features that you associate with the individual. Based on these, when you encounter them again, you are able to recognize the person. Indeed, if you were to see this person from the back, you would probably recognize them again. Well, you might be less certain, but still stand a good chance of being successful.

This is an example of pattern recognition — instantaneous data acquisition, data visualization, and data interpretation. We extract features from the subject and process these features to produce a recognition - or make a decision. We humans also have the inherent ability to associate some fuzziness or a probability with the decision.

The History of Super ICEPak®

Pattern recognition, as opposed to logical thinking, is the fastest way that humans make decisions. It is this aspect of human decision making that Super ICEPak® simulates. However primitive they may be compared to human methods, they offer powerful advantages compared to other approaches. The mathematical methods it uses are well-established tools of the trade; "AI" does not provide any new basic magic tools but rather is a powerful approach to decision making with its own ensemble of powerful tools.

Super ICEPak® was initially conceived and embodied in a product 20 years ago as ICEPak®, the Intelligent Classifier Engineering Package. This DOS program was distributed and used throughout the world's largest industrial and research laboratories and engineering design and development laboratories (see Who Uses Super ICEPak® ? ). This Windows program and its dll tool kit is now priced for cost-effective use in any laboratory or design facility where the power of AI is required to make full use of information-rich waveform and image data as well as in other cases where the user has defined a list of application features which are equally rich in information.