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Hydrogen Source Book Hydrogen for Kids

Hydrogen for Kids

People all around the world are worried about how our world is being hurt by pollution, the destruction of the ozone layer, and other things that are harmful to our environment. The adults in your community, along with your teachers, parents, and family try to make changes in how they live, like by recycling, so that they can pass on a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful world to you and your generation. Some other people, like scientists and engineers, are trying to find new ways for us to fuel our homes, cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles, so that we can stop pollution and help our environment fix itself. One of the ways we can all help the earth fix itself is by cutting down on our use of fossil fuels like oil and gasoline. But what are we going to use to run our cars and school buses or heat our homes and offices? Well, we can use a clean, safe, and efficient fuel instead of gas and oil!

This fuel is called HYDROGEN

TISEC Inc. has created an awesome multimedia program that you can download and play with on your computer. You can learn about hydrogen and ways in which you can reduce energy consumption in your home, neighborhood, and community. You can also play cool games to demonstrate what you have learned.

Just click here or the picture above to download this great book!