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UT Thickness Testing Training

Course Description

TISEC offers a comprehensive ultrasonic thickness testing training course for personnel with limited or no background in ultrasonic testing. This course provides detailed coverage of ultrasound theory and thickness measurement instrumentation. Emphasis is given towards the laboratory training on the use of state-of-the-art UT thickness gauges and recording of test results.

Course Dates

Please contact us for available course dates or for client site training information.

Duration: Two days (16 hours).

Course Price: The course is offered at both client site as well as at our facility. The cost per trainee is $600.00. Additional instructors travel and lodging cost may apply for client site training.

Brief Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Ultrasonic Fundamentals
  3. Ultrasonic Transducers - Construction and Operation
  4. Longitudinal Waves
  5. Interfaces
  6. Effects of Reflector/Test Geometry
  7. Pulse-Echo Test Set up
  8. Couplants and Coupling Techniques
  9. Ultrasonic Instrumentation
  10. Thickness Measurement

Course Material

The NDT training course offered by TISEC's experienced instructors will provide each trainee:

  • Electronic version of the course material
  • Certificate attesting to successful course completion

Watch this space for our innovative online course delivery and practice tests.