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Ultrasonic Testing Level II

Course Description

Advanced Level II training focused on materials, manufacturing processes, and ultrasonic inspection applications. The course is applications oriented and includes weld inspection with emphasis on angle beam testing, immersion testing, and thickness testing. The course satisfies the training hours needed for Level II certification in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, ANSI/ASNT CP-189, and NAS-410.

Course Dates

Please contact us for available course dates or for client site training information.

Duration: Five days (40 hours). Four 10-hour days option available.

Course Price: $1250.00 per trainee. Please contact us for pricing on client site training.

Brief Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of ultrasonic technique
    1. Principles of ultrasonics
    2. Equipment
    3. Testing techniques
    4. Calibration
    5. Evaluation of Base-Material Product Forms
  3. Material Inspection Lab
  4. Evaluation of Weldments
  5. Weld Inspection Lab
  6. Evaluation of Bonded Structures
  7. Bonded Structures Lab
  8. Discontinuity Detection
  9. Discontinuity Detection Lab
  10. Evaluation
    1. Comparison procedures
    2. Object appraisal

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Course Material

The NDT training course offered by TISEC's experienced instructors will provide each trainee:

  • Electronic version of the course material
  • Certificate attesting to successful course completion

Watch this space for our innovative online course delivery and practice tests.