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In-service Ship Hull Weld Inspection

TISEC offer ultrasonic testing services for in-service inspection of ship hull welds. The non-destructive inspection of ship hull welds are performed according to and satisfy the following standards:

MIL-STD-2035 Department of Defense Testing Method, "Non Destructive Testing Acceptance Criteria" (1995)
MIL-STD-1689 Department of Defense Manufacturing Process Standard, Fabrication, Welding, and Inspection of Ships Structure (1990)
NAVSEA Technical Publication 271 "Requirements for Non Destructive Testing Methods" (1997)
ABS 14 American Bureau of Shipping Standard "Guide for Non Destructive Inspection of Hull Welds" (2002)

Conventional UT as well as Phased Array UT services are offered. ASTM E164 "Standard Practice for Contact Ultrasonic Testing of Weldments" is followed while performing the ship hull inspections. Ultrasonic energy is launched in to ship hull structure near the welds. The reflected signals are analyzed to identify the presence of any defects in the welds and as well as characterize them (Size, Orientation etc).

Weld configurations that could be inspected using TISEC's ultrasonic methods are:

  • Butt welds
  • Fillet welds
  • Corner welds
  • T-welds
  • Single V and Double V welds
  • Welds with non-skid polymer coating layer

Sample ultrasonic weld inspection waveform (A-scan) and the associated B-scan display that identifies a weld defect.