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Artificial Intelligence Software

TISEC's unique and powerful AI program — Super ICEPAK™ — for development and implementation of pattern classifiers for use in real-time structural health and reliability monitoring.

Practical Pattern Recognition Workshop

This workshop introduces the practical aspects of pattern recognition. Using TISEC's Super ICEPAK™ as a framework, the workshop covers the theory and applications of statistical pattern recognition and neural networks.

Multimedia Titles

A series of multimedia products on subjects on materials-related aspects of reliability, safety, and structural integrity are available.

Titles include:

  • Failure Prevention in Structural Materials,
  • Metallurgy of Hydrogen in Steel,
  • The Pattern Recognition Manual,
  • SWAT : The Structural Wave Analysis Tool Handbook,
  • Thermodynamics,
  • The Acoustic Emission Handbook,
  • Magnetic Particle Testing,
  • Ultrasonic Testing,
  • Basic NDE Techniques,
  • Radiography,
  • The Sourcebook for Hydrogen Applications,
  • The Hydrogen Regulatory Infrastructure,
  • Hydrogen Release from Confinement, and
  • Hydrogen Sourcebook for Kids

Multimedia Production Service

TISEC also provides customized multimedia production services for training and references.

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