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Liquid Penetrant Testing Training (I & II)

Course Description

This course prepares a trainee to set up and perform liquid penetrant testing according to the applicable codes and standards and provides certification in line with ASNT SNT-TC-1A. This course is offered in combination with Magnetic Particle Testing (Level I & II).

Course Dates

Please contact us for available course dates or for client site training information.

This course is offered by appointment as well. Please contact us through our "contact" page and/or by phone to set up training dates.

Duration: Two days (16 hours).

Course Price: Please contact us for course pricing. We offer client site training as well. Additional instructor traveling costs may apply.

Brief Course Outline

  1. Different types of discontinuities
  2. Principles of liquid penetrant testing
  3. Test Procedure
  4. Pre- and Post- cleaning
  5. Application of penetrants and developers
  6. Interpretation of indications
  7. Codes and Standards